About cookies

Information about cookies on our website.

This website uses cookies, which allow it to store data in your computer which it can later retrieve. Under the Electronic Communication Act of 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website containing cookies must be provided with the following information:

- that the website contains cookies,
- what the cookies are used for, and
- how to block cookies.

Our website uses session cookies (these should disappear when you turn off the web browser). One of their purposes is to keep track of where in the menu the visitor is browsing. These cookies are necessary to the website’s function.
Permanent cookies (these are stored in your computer between visits) are used to save certain settings (e.g. languages).

You can set your browser to block cookies. The procedure for this is unique to each browser. Check with the manufacturer or use the help function. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can find these settings under the Tools menu – Internet Options – Secrecy tab.

Please note that our website will not function without session cookies (in Internet Explorer, you can choose to accept session cookies even if you block other cookies).