More functions for our hand terminals

Scanning and bar code reading with a hand terminal programme. The programme helps you to create and use bar codes at your client or in your own storage facilities.

Please do the following when you install your logistic solution:

• You decide which articles you want to monitor/order for the client.
• You place them in the product stand. The Camera and a standard shelf can be purchased from Mattssons.
• You register as a user on KAM-MERA’s web site. You can purchase your user licence online.
• Follow the instructions in the manual.
• Request and print bar codes, order bar code holders.
• Place the bar codes by each corresponding product.
• The programme is now ready to manage your order flow.

Please do the following when you order products via bar code:

• Start the point and fill function in the hand terminal.
• Type in or scan the address of the product stand from it’s bar code.
• Point at and read the desired article’s bar code.
• Click ”send” or confirm order information before you send it.

What to do when delivering goods:

• You receive the order via an email or an electronic file.
• Delivery is according to your existing routines with clients.
• Invoice according to your existing routines.

Practical hand terminal

The most common way of ordering fasteners from Mattssons, is to read labels in the warehouse shelves with a hand terminal.

Mattssons Point and Fill-system continually upgrades the hand terminal’s software and interactivity on Mattssons’s website.
The fundamental advantages are the same: An ordering appliance in which movements can be registered, analysed and optimised so that you as a customer will have 100 % availability of fasteners. However, with the new hand terminal this can be done in a more modern way, both faster and more secure.

The new hand terminals have become better and there is now support for:
• WLAN (wireless network), which means that you do not have to sync a hand terminal via a stationary computer.
• 3G/GPRS, which means that the hand terminal can be synced wherever you are.
• WPAN, which means that you can sync via Bluetooth.
• Colour screen.
Using Windows Mobile as an operating system means that you can use the hand terminal for other applications than Mattssons’ system.