KAM-MERA: Sees everything – Gives everything

Are you tired of having to put valuable time on controlling the usage of fasteners, organising and ordering?


Forget all about those tasks and refill - anyway. Kam-Mera – the camera that is more than a camera – takes care of the job, without you needing to lift a finger.

The smartest orderingsystem of all times is to a larger part fully automatic. Kam-Mera is the follow up to the successful orderingpistol ”Point and fill”.
KAM-MERA – can more.

Our KAM-MERA has become wireless. You no longer have to draw a network to the camera to be able to monitor your screw consumption, since this new solution is completely freestanding and is run via 3G. The big advantage with the wireless KAM-MERA is that there is no need to interact with the client’s internal network. “Earlier we would often have to open the client’s internal firewall when installing,” says Bosse Gärdelöv at Mattssons IT department. “When I have installed the earlier version of KAM-MERA, it could take up to one week for the client to open its firewall. Now there is no need for an IT-guy to install it onsite, instead it can all be done at Mattssons.

Give us a call this very day and we will tell you more.


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